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Shri Kaarimaaran(First Srivaishnava in Kali Yuga - Nammalwar) & Shri Ramanujar thiruvadikale saranam
Shri Vaishnava Sampradaaya e-Books - All Books are mostly from Golden Thaleevar, A.M.P.Nayanaar, Maamunigal, P.B.A Swamy
(Chanting prabhandam without knowing the meaning..., is as good as NOT learning at all!)

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Please Click here to download the Lyrics and to follow the Background Vedic Manthra Chanting..., !!!

Notes : All of the Following PBA Swamy - PDF BOOKS are given to you by Shriman TCA Venkatesan Swamy (Detroit Saamee) & Maran's Dog ,Toronto

Notes : All of the Following BOOKS are related to your Daily Reading Specially prepared for your Anthima Kaalam .! - ( Maran's Dog )


That means in the SAMSAARAM TREE, There are ONLY 2 AMRUDAM MAYAM FRUITS. They are KESAVA BAKTHI & BHAGAVATHA SANGAM. Others are Poisoned Fruits !

All of the following documents brought to you exclusively by Chennai - Rangaswamy Srinivasan Swamin ! (OVERSEAS HELP GIVEN FROM INDIA)
Sincere & Special Thanks to all the Hard pain taking efforts he took for us !!!.

All the following Books are presented to you in jpeg format.Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf file format will consume 4 times the present size of the file. adds burden on downloading time..,web server Crash, increased web space in adiyane's User account.conservative Approach !

Maaran's Dog & Chennai Rengaswamy Srinivasan Swamin's Productions - Thiru Vaai Mozhi

Performing Ekadasi Vratham Regularly means You are in Brahminical Standard (Vratham Means No Food Grains, No Flours, No Lentils, No Beans,No Bread etc) Fruits, vegetables, or RAVAA Uppuma ,SALADS is Permissible. Please follow the guidelines from Jeeyar Saamee (Swami's )

Maaran's Dog & Chennai R.Srinivasan - All of the following are Primitive Versions But Optimized for Easy download !!!

Iyarpa Book ON A AS IT IS BASIS - Maaran's Dog Productions -

Silver Thaleevar : Swami Alagiya Manavalaperumal Nayanar - Grantham

General Caution : "Yat Shaastravithi Muth-srujya Varthathey Kaama Kaarathaha. Na-Siddhi Mavaapnothi Na-sukam Na Param gathim " - By Shri Kissshnar

Swami Shri Vedantha Desikar Grantham - (Source : LIFCO Publishers)

Sampradaaya Thaleevar : Bhagavad Ramanuja's - Grantham

Non Vaishnavite Definition : "Sruthi Smruthi Mamai Aajhna Yastha Mullankya Varthathey. Aajnha Chethi Mama drogi Mad bhaktaha Na-Vaishnavaha" By Shri Kissshnar

Vyaakyaana Chakravarthi - Peria Aachan Pillai Vyaakyaanam Series


"Sva-Karmanaa-tham-Arpyascha-Siddhim Vindhati Maanava:" - That means , By performing Self-Karmaas(as Per Varnaash-rama Dharma)All the Wishes(Siddhi)are attained by PurushAa(Maanava:)
A sudra by performing his duties(Bodily Work) will get all his desires fulfilled and so is Braahmana(NOT by Birth) by doing Santhia Vanthan,reading shaastra,following smruthi etc..,Not Cricket/Govt Job etc.,

Santhia Vanthan Audio Files as per Shri Desika Sampradaayam - Sponsored by Shri Sriram Nandakumar, Lexington.,U.S

Santhia Vanthan is performed as a Bhagavad-Aajha-Kainkaryam.Dont give false excuses.I sleep 4 hours in the night or even less to wake up at 4 AM (MOST IMPORTANT BRAAMHA MUHURTHAM)in the morning and perform Morning Santhia Vanthan (Wash Your Hands Feet & Face. You are fit to do this karma).ONLY through this Karma-anushtaanam you can conquer over the Rajo ,Tamo Gunaa. Please take your Dwijan Birth as a Advantage birth and subdue the Rajo,Tamo Guna. Failure to do this Karma-Anushtaanam will also guarantee a Naragam Called TAAMISRAM(Ref:Vishnu Puranaam).This is also a Pre-Qualification to Amavasya Tharpanam & Dwija Lakshanam.Nam pillai Eedu Sri Sukthi kaanmin :- "Nishithasharanam thaan rajas,tamas kalai Varthikka Kadavathaai Irukkumiray"

Vaishnava Definition : "Jagat Karthur Mahesyasya Divya Akhjna kaarino-vayam. Ithi Nithya kriya kuryur sa ye Naraha Vaishnavaa sthuthey"



"Karmaniva Hi Samsiddhir- Maasthithaa Janaka Yadaaha" - By Performing Self Duty(Karma), King Janaka attained All Perfection of Life

Please Click here to download the Lyrics and to follow the Background Vedic Manthra Chanting..., !!!

Thiruvaaimozhi - Integrated Vyaakyaanam - Composed by Trichy Shrimaan Puthur swamy - EncycloPaedia for Thiru Vaai mozhi Vyaakyaanam(Meaning)

Notes: Please watch how much Rig veda(Irukku Mozhi) & Upanishad is translated into each and every Thiruvaaimozhi Paasuram - Proof of sanskrit words translation. !!

This Book is a Collective Work of -> Shri Ramanuja's(Supervised) 6000 Padi , Namjeeyar's 9000 Padi, Vaathi Kesari Jeeyar Saamee's 12000 Padi, Peria Achan Pillai's 24000 Padi, Peria Jeeyar's Thiruvaaimozhi Nootranthaathi Nampillai's (Supervised) Eedu , Shri Vedanta Desika's Dravida Upanishad Thaatparya Rathnaavali . Conclusion : Dravida Baasha (TAMIL) Veda Vyaas = Our Maaran (NAmmaAZhvar)

After Hearing Thirumanthiram Upanyaasam Repeatedly.., Adiyane Felt " UTRATHUM - Un-Adiyaarkku Adimai -Nin Thiru 8 Yeluthum Katru -Naan- Kannapurathu-urai-Ammaney ! "

Maaran's Dog Productions - Periya ThiruMozhi PDF BOOKS follows - All of the following are Download

"Janmanaa Jaayathey Sudraha : Karmanaa Jaayathey Vipraha " = "That means Only by (Karma)Action.., You are (Vipraha)Brahmin.., By Birth You are Sudraa "

Other Books - Miscellaneous - Related to Karma Kaandam Nithya Karmaa-nu-shtaanam -Maaran's Dog Release !!!

Mundaka Upanishad - "Naaya-maatmA Bhala-hee-ney-na Labhyaha" - Those who dont have Strengthness(Stubborness) in Mind can not reach the Paramaatmaa !!

Sruthi Smruthi Yudhitham Samyak Nithyam Achaara Acharet - Perform all the regulative principles set forth in Sruthi & Smruthi

Acharya Sreshtar - Shri Manavaala Maamunigal Grantham

Santhiavanthan Non-performers are actually Killing SuryaBhagavan.It is a must even for Sannyaasis.Advaithi(RASCALS) dont do Santhiavanthan after accepting Sanniyaasam

Miscellaneous Story Books - Pandareepuram Pandurangan Mahatmiyam

GOLDEN THALEEVAR - Swami Shri mal-Pillai lokachariar's Grantham

Golden Thaleevar - Sri vaishnava Sri , Shri Vaishnava Booshanam , Acharya Sreshtar , Jnaana Oli , Anbin Kadal , Beloved Acharya -

Warning : Although this following book is free for you to download, please pay a small sambhavanai to Dr M.A.V swami .., a small amount of 10 Deutsch Mark or 10 U.S Dollars or 10 U.K Pounds which ever is applicable to you as this brahma vidhyei will work out for you only if you pay the amount to Dr. M.A.V. It costs you less time to go to the nearest post office and mail the cash to offer respect to him.(Address : Dr. M.A.V .., 7, South mada street , Triplicane ,Madras -5 )

Please Click here to download the Lyrics and to follow the Background Vedic Manthra Chanting..., !!!

"Santhia-Heeno Oh-sushir Nithyam Anargaha Sarva-Karmasu - Yat Anyath Kruthey Karma ., Na-thasya phala baakbhaveth" - Meaning given below...,

Swami Shrimal Pillai Lokachariar says in Thattva vivekam Book - ( Reference Page # 49 ) that few souls will remember Good and Bad events of their previous births. Here is the proof !!!

Non-Performers of Santhia Vanthan are Dirty(Asuddham).They are unfit to do ANY Vaidheega Karma.If they do also.., It is NOT accepted & turns out to Nish-phalam [ No Value ]

Notes : The Following Manipravalam Book is tough to understand.This is where e-Acharya comes to our life to rescue. His name is Sriman Velukkudi Krishnan Swaamin. please get his speech in (mp3 cd's ) from 214 east uttara street, Srirengam,Trichy 0431-2434398. To learn Mani pravaalam quickly .., on a tutorial basis .., another short cut route is to follow the 2 mumukshu padi books simultaneously. It is a must for our salvation to knew some of the Technical Buzz words of Shrivaishnavam such as Upaayam, Plavam, Praapyaanthiram, Upeyam etcc.,

Asta Dasa Rahasyam Grantham by Golden Thaleevar

RAHASYA THRAYAM & Thattva Thrayam - Core Essence of ThenAcharya Samprathaayam (Shri Pillai Lokachariar & Maamungal )

Shriman Pillai Lokam Jeeyar's Vyaakyaanam Series

Notes : I dont know who is "pillai lokam jeeyar" . but very knowledgable, !! (Coool Jeeyar !!!) to provide a substance to this "Artha Panchakam Sutrams". Sutram #48 (Artha Panchagam) is very important !!!

P.B.A SWAMY .., A LEGEND Aacharyaa for FULL Kali yuga

Please Click here to download the Lyrics and to follow the Background Vedic Manthra Chanting..., !!!

Iyarpa Vyaakyaanam by Shriman P.B.A Swamin

After a long & lengthy Search.., ,Adiyane found this version of Iyarpa Vyaakyaanam from Madurai which is found to be Verbose , Complete & Clarity dated 1927 by Shriman P.B.A Swamy. You may download this version also.

Waking up at Braamha Muhurtham,Neat & Clean. Offer prayers to your Best knowledge Means Brahminical Standard and establishing Sathva Gunaa !!

New Books Scanned and Optimized in the Year -2009

For All Trichy Puthur Swamy Related Books (Srivaishnava Sudharsanam) & Other Sampradaayam Books Please Buy from Sri vaishnava sri Publications .., Shri K.Vaasudevan , 214 East Uttara Street , Srirengam, Trichy Phone : 0431-2434398 ,0431-2435641

Look at Muslim.He wakes up at Braamha Muhurtham & offer Prayers at Masjid.Why NOT You ?.He says Allah(/Angels)comes close to Earth.Similar to the Sanskrit Slokam given below

New Books Scanned and Optimized in the Year -2010

Braamha Muhurthey Seveythaam Sayanam yathra Dhampathi- Smasaana thulyam that Veshma pithrubiHi- Pari varjyathey- Sleeping in Braamha Muhurtham means discarded by Pithrus

Thiru Valli Keni ( Thilla Keni ) Mahaatma - Dr.V.V.Ramanujan Swamigal Books - Release Year - 2010 - 2012

Braamha Muhurthey Devaanaam Pithrunaam Samaagamaha.Jaagarasthatra Karthavya Pithru Sammaanam hi Tat.Rise from Bed in Braamha Muhurtham to offer respect to your Pithrus

New Books Scanned and Optimized in the Year -2011

Braamha Muhurthey Uddhaaya Chintaye Aathmano hitam. Gurum Vishnum Namaskruthya Maatha Pitharo Thathaivaca-Rise from Bed in Braamha Muhurtham & think of wellbeing of Soul

New Books Scanned and Optimized in the Year -2012

Thiru arangan Ulaa (SriRengam Namperumal Historic Tour) - History (1340 A.D) + Interesting ,Thrilling & Superb Novel + Bhagavath Vishayam - Release Year - 2012
Swami Vedanta Desikar, Swami Shrimal Pillai Lokachariar Lived in this Period. Historic Age.

Human Birth is So Valuable & Powerful. Even if you complete ONE Ekadasi Vratham, Dwadasi Paaranai Successfully .., Vratha Phalan will make you to become Gandharva in your Next Birth.! You can Kiss/Lick Apsaras Sthiri Oorvasi Anywhere you like in Gandharva Lokam !!

Dharma Shaastra - Karma , Shraatham , Asousham(KARUMAATHI, Theettu,SAAVU,SAVANDY etc..,) Kandam in Tamil - Year 2012


Shri Mad Valmiki Ramayanam BOOK in TAMIL (Sanskrit to TAMIL Translation -1700 Pages)

SRI-MAD-BHAGAVATHAM BOOK in Tamil - Full Version - Sanskrit To Tamil Translation
Substance of All Vedantas, Knowledge Ocean , Exraction of All Upanishads, Life Guide for All Sthri's (Sutha Thanmai Illaa Women [Dirty By Birth & Nature ] ) & Soothraas ( Free Life Style People )

SRI-MAD-BHAGAVATHAM BOOK - Slokam By Slokam , Word by Word - Sanskrit To Tamil Translation
FULL COVERAGE - DETAILED in Akku Veru Aani Veru Fashion - Release Year - April,2010

SRI-MAD-RAMAYANAM BOOK - Slokam By Slokam , Word by Word - Sanskrit To Tamil Translation
FULL COVERAGE - DETAILED in Akku Veru Aani Veru Fashion - Release Year - JANUARY,2013

Cooking is an Art and Important Srivaishnava Lakshanam. ! Adiyane Chose Famous Smt. Mallika Badrinath

WARNING : Before you eat anything from a Restaurant or Hotel,Go to the Kitchen of the Hotel/Restaurant and find out who is cooking, How much he is sanitized(Person, Utensils,Water ,Place etc), then Decide whether you really want to eat !!

Notes : Remove Onion, Garlic, Drumstick,Mushroom from the recipe completely ,Add Ghee, Reduce Chilli Offer to Krishna after Cooking. DON'T EAT "KUNDAKKA MUNDAKKA". If you eat KUNDAKKA MUNDAKKA.., then you will also get KUNDAKKA-MUNDAKKA GATHI ( DHOOMA GATHI ! ). Best thing is to spend 5 minutes on food suggestion by Shri Swami Desikar ! { MUSHROOM Grows in the Dark.Even Farm Grown mushrooms grows in the Dark indicating TAMO Gunaa .So Swami Desikar & other ISKCON Acharyas rejected it }

If you can control your Tongue.., then you can control all the other senses Automatically. Therefore eat Krsna/Bhagavatha Prasadam only ! - BY ISKCON Guru Maharaj !!

Kitchen Culinary Section - Online Reading Version
Kitchen Culinary Section - Printable Version
Cooking_Book_No.1 (Printable)
Cooking_Book_No.2 (Printable)
Cooking_Book_No.3 (Printable)
Cooking_Book_No.4 (Printable)
Cooking_Book_No.5 (Printable)
Cooking_Book_No.6 (Printable)

"Tat Uchistam Su-Bhaavanam" - That Means The Remnants given by Bhagavath Bhaktas or MUTTS (give Parama Suddthi) will purify the even the Most Sinful Soul !!!

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